Title and Abstract

Sr. No. Speaker Title
1 R. E. Amritkar Extreme events on networks and spatially extended regions
2 Pushan Ayyub Nanotechnology lessons from nature: Importance of hierarchical nanostructures
3 Mustansir Barma Time Evolution of Intermittency in the Passive Slider problem
4 Subhash Chaturvedi Finite time corrections to the efficiency of the Carnot engine
5 G. P. Das Computational design and functionalization of 2D materials and their heterostructures
6 Chandan Dasgupta Glass transition in dense systems of self-propelled particles
7 Deepak Dhar Phase transitions in a system of hard rods on the three dimensional cubic lattice
8 Sergej Flach Nonlinear Disordered Discrete Time Quantum Walks
9 Shridhar R. Gadre Electrostatic landscapes of molecules: a 27-year story
10 Swapan K. Ghosh Energy Density Functional Approach to Functional Materials for Energy Applications
11 Neelima M. Gupte The transition to synchronisation on hierarchical lattices
12 Manoj K. Harbola A study of accurate exchange-correlation functionals through adiabatic connection
13 Sudhir R. Jain Nodal domains in quantum billiards
14 S. N. Khanna Metal-Chalcogenide Superatomic Clusters with Closed Electronic Shells as Super Donors for Novel Doped Semiconductors
15 Avinash Khare Different Facets of PT Symmetry
16 M. Lakshmanan PT symmetric nonlinear systems and some of their implications in optics
17 Priya Mahadevan Quantum confinement: A route to enhance the Curie temperature of Mn doped GaAs
18 Sourav Pal Clusters as catalytic and functional materials: Computational design
19 Ravindra Pandey Phosphorene-based 2D materials
20 Prasanta K. Panigrahi Bell-Rajaraman model of soliton free charge fractionalization in oxide heterostructures
21 Sanjay Puri Cooling in Granular Gases
22 S. Ramasesha Quantum Phase Transitions in Skewed Two Legged Ladders
23 Biplab Sanyal Understanding ultrafast magnetization dynamics from first principles
24 D. D. Sarma Electronic Structure of the Elusive Metastable State in Chemically Exfoliated Few Layer MoS2
25 Shri Singh Description of Phase Transitions in chiral ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
26 Subodh R. Shenoy Coarsening Exponents in Post-quench Phase Ordering
27 Umesh V. Waghmare 2-Dimensional Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage:First-principles Theory and Simulations
28 Rajendra R. Zope Density Functional Study of Charge Transfer States of Organic Molecular Conjugates
More to come ...