Indian Physics Association (IPA) Pune chapter


Indian Physics Association (IPA) is an autonomous organization, which works for the popularization and dissemination of knowledge in Physics. IPA (Pune Chapter) was started during 1972 by the then Head of the Physics Department, Prof. Madhrav Ramchandra Bhiday, who was a wide visionary and dynamic personality.

This chapter was started in view of encouraging large part of society comprising of Physics Teachers, students and all those, who are interested in Physics.

Various activities have been nurtured since then. Few to mention are organization of popular lectures by eminent scientists, lecture competitions and quiz competitions for under-graduate and post-graduate students, project competition for under-graduate students & lecture competition for research students. Apart from these, IPA (PC) also promotes scientific activities at junior college level. Major annual activities of IPA comprises of four awards instituted for scientific purposes which are:

1)      Prof. M. W. Chiplonkar Award

2)      Bhaskar Raye Award

3)      M. R. Bhide Award

4)      Ravi Kumar Bhalla Award

1. Prof. Chiplonkar Award: Prof. Chiplonlkar was Head of the Department of Physics during 1952 to 1969. He was keenly interested in popularizing science through Marathi and contributed to a great extend by writing scientific articles in Marathi. He was an editor of “Swristidhyan”. In order to keep his memories alive, IPA with the help of his family members and friends, has instituted a prize for a person who has worked for the popularization of science in Marathi in Maharashtra.

2. Bhaskar Raye Award for the best teacher from senior college: Bhaskar Raye was a research student in Department of Physics, University of Pune around 1975 and then become lecturer in 1978. He was very popular amongst the students and used to take keen interest in discussions on topics of popular Physics and enjoyed solving their queries. He was a brilliant and excellent teacher.  Bhaskar Raye passed away at the age of 29 years in a tragic incident during the trekking activity in 1982. In his memory IPA with the help of his colleagues and friends has instituted this prize.


3. M. R. Bhiday award for the best teacher from Junior college: Prof. M. R. Bhiday promoted activities of scientific research of high caliber, which is only possible with the devotion of teacher right at the root of learning. In order to encourage researchers, who can mould the students and cultivate interest in them for learning, IPA has instituted this award with the support of his family, friends, well wishers and student community. Prof. M. R. Bhiday was live memento of immense enthusiasm with bubbling ideas. There can be no parallel personality of this image than himself. Prof. Bhiday was the Head of the Department of Physics since 1970 till 1979. He was the pioneer of great ideas like the one of building once own instruments. This brought him to the frontline of research community not only in the University of Pune but also all over the country. He passed away in 1994.


4. Ravi Kumar Bhalla best research student Award: Dr. Ravikumar Bhalla was a research student in the Department of Physics during 1973-76. He carried out research in the Microtron laboratory under the supervision of Prof. M. R. Bhide and Dr. V. N. Bhoraskar. He was an active and enthusiastic research scholar who was very popular amongst the research students. After completing his Ph. D. degree he was appointed as a lecturer in this Department. Dr. Bhalla proceeded to New Zeeland for postdoctoral research work; and successfully completed it. While returning back to India, in 1982 unfortunately his plane crashed at Mumbai Airport. In the sweet memory of this active researcher IPA, with his family and friends has started the award for the best research student in Physics working in the University of Pune.

Members: Today, there are almost 221 life members in IPA (PC). Any person who is interested in activities related to science in general and Physics in particular is eligible to become the member if IPA (life membership fee Rs. 500/-)


 Executive Body:  

(Jan 2005-Dec 2006)

President: Dr. (Mrs). S. V. Bhoraskar, Vice President: Dr. B. N. Pawar & Dr. J. P. Joag

Secretary: Dr. A. G. Banpurkar    Treasurer: Dr. V. L. Mathe

 (2007- 2009)

President: Dr. (Mrs). R. C. Aiyer, Vice President: Dr. S. D. Dhole & Dr. (Mrs.) Pramila Lahoti

Secretary: Dr. S. W. Gosavi      Treasurer: Dr. P. D. Sahare  Joint Secretary: Mrs. Naseem Deshpande & Mr. Pandit Shelke


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