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Name Email Group/Lab Extn.Nos.
Dr. B. Dey bdey Condensed Matter 308
Dr. S. D. Dhole sanjay Microtron Accelerators 306
Dr. V. P. Godbole vpg Materials Science 312
Dr. S. W. Gosavi swg Electron Beam Lithography 330
Dr. S. R. Jadkar sandesh Energy Studies 320
Dr. P. S. Joag pramod Theoretical Physics 314
Dr. A. L. Kshirsagar anjali Condensed Matter 317
Dr. S. R. Mahamuni shailaja Materials Science 322
Dr. M. A. More mam Materials Science 310
Dr. R. K. Pathak pathak Atomic and Molecular Physics 324
Dr. S. I. Patil (HOD) patil Advance Materials Processing 325
Dr. V. A. Tabhane vtabhane -- 301
Dr. P. B. Vidyasagar pbv Biophysics 329

Associate Professors

Name Email Group/Lab Extn.Nos.
Dr. K. P. Adhi kpa Advance Materials Processing 300
Dr. G. R. Kulkarni grk Tweezer / Biophysics Lab III 341
Dr. A. V. Limaye avl Advance Materials Processing 460
Dr. S. D. Sartale sdsartale Materials Science 315

Assistant Professors

Name Email Group/Lab Extn.Nos.
Dr. A. G. Banpurkar agb Experimental Condensed Matter Physics 303
Dr. N. B. Chaure n.chaure Photovoltaics, Organic Devices 327
Dr. P. Durga Nandini pdn Condensed Matter 308
Dr. Y. D. Kolekar ydk Material Science 302
Dr. V. L. Mathe vlmathe Materials Science 331
Dr. Sudipto Muhuri sudipto Soft Condensed Matter, Biological Physics 316
Dr. H. M. Pathan pathan Materials Science 323
Dr. A. Sayeed sayeed Soft Condensed Matter 319

Adjunct Professors / Professors Emeritus

Name Email Group/Lab Extn.Nos.
Prof. S. V. Bhoraskar svb Materials Science 305
Prof. V. N. Bhoraskar vnb Microtron Accelerators 420
Prof. D. S. Joag dsj Field Emission/Ion Microscopy 313

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