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Name Email Group/Lab Extn.Nos.
Prof. K. P. Adhi kpa Advance Materials Processing 2820
Prof. A. G. Banpurkar agb Soft Condensed Matter Physics 2822
Prof. N. B. Chaure n.chaure Photovoltaics, Organic Devices 2845
Prof. P. Durganandini pdn Condensed Matter 2826
Prof. S. D. Dhole sanjay Microtron Accelerators 2825
Prof. S. W. Gosavi swg Electron Beam Lithography 2848
Prof. S. R. Jadkar (HOD) sandesh Energy Studies 2824,2800
Prof. Y. D. Kolekar ydk Material Science 2821
Prof. M. A. More mam Materials Science 2829
Prof. V. L. Mathe vlmathe Materials Science 2839
Prof. S. D. Sartale sdsartale Materials Science 2834

Associate Professors

Name Email Group/Lab Extn.Nos.
Dr. A. V. Limaye avl Soft Condensed Matter Physics 2837

Assistant Professors

Name Email Group/Lab Extn.Nos.
Dr. S. S. Dahiwale ssd Experimental Nuclear Physics 2828
Dr. R. C. Kamble rck Electroceramics, Multiferroics, ferroelectrics 2823
Dr. Sudipto Muhuri sudipto Soft Condensed Matter, Biological Physics 2835
Dr. H. M. Pathan pathan Energy Materials and Devices 2842
Dr. A. Sayeed sayeed Soft Condensed Matter 2838
Dr. Deepti S. Sidhaye dss Nano-materials, Science (physics education and outreach) 2830
Dr. Surajit Paul surajit Astronomy and Astrophysics 2840
Dr. Shailesh Kulkarni (UGC-FRP) shailesh Quantum Field theory, Black holes and General Relativity 2843

INSA Fellow

Name Email Group/Lab Extn.Nos.
Prof. Avinash Khare khare Quantum Field theory 2850

Distinguished, Adjunct and Emeritus Professors

Name Email Group/Lab Extn.Nos.
Prof. S. V. Bhoraskar svb Materials Science 2738
Prof. V. N. Bhoraskar vnb Microtron Accelerators 2849
Prof. B. Dey bdey Condensed Matter 2827
Prof. D. S. Joag dsj Material Science 2832
Prof. A. L. Kshirsagar anjali Condensed Matter 2836
Dr. G. R. Kulkarni grk Tweezer / Biophysics Lab III 2851
Prof. S. R. Mahamuni shailaja Materials Science 2841
Prof. R. K. Pathak pathak Atomic and Molecular Physics 2846
Prof. S. I. Patil patil Advance Materials Processing 2844
Prof. P. B. Vidyasagar pbv Biophysics 2847

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