The department has an impressive Ph.D. programme offering a wide range of experimental and theoretical topics and has about fifty research students in the department. These students register themselves for Ph.D. degree of University of Pune and work with one or more supervisors. A student who has obtained the degree of M.Sc. (Physics) can straightaway register for Ph.D. A student who has obtained M.Sc. in some other related subject has to undergo pre-Ph.D. courses before he/she can be registered for Ph.D.

The students get financial assistance in the form of Junior Research Fellowship from various funding agencies. The average time taken for Ph.D. here is about four years. There is an excellent academic environment in the department and students can work even during the night. The department has a lounge where the latest journals are kept for fifteen days before they are sent to the main library. The lounge is open to faculty members and research students and a photocopying facility is available. The department has fairly good computational and intac facilities.

For more details on the work done in various groups please have a look at their own pages.

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