Prof. Dr. Sanjay Dhole

Senior Professor of Physics

Academic Books Published


Books Chapters:

Book Name Chapter Title Name of Publisher
1 Radiation in Medicine and Biology 2017
Chapter 1.
Generation of Bremsstrahlung Radiation from different Low–to High–Z targets for medical A Simulation Approach.
Jenny Stanford Publishing, Singapore
2 Radiation in Medicine and Biology 2017
Chapter 6.
Motivation to Explore New Techniques for Synthesis of Metal nanoparticles and Their Immense Importance in Biological and Medical Applications.
Jenny Stanford Publishing, Singapore
3 Emerging Synthesis Techniques for Luminescent Materials (2018)
Chapter 3.
Phosphors for Various Dosimetry Applications Derived by Different Synthesis Routes (pages 53-84)
IGI Global, USA
4 BAdalade Vishwa aani Sahityapudil Avhane (2018)
Chapter 3.
Vidnyanachi Vatchal (Marathi)
Euro World Publication, Mumbai/td>