Prof. Dr. Sanjay Dhole

Senior Professor of Physics


Ph.D./ M.Phil. / PostDoc./Students Awarded for the year :-


Sr. No. Name Title Register Date Declare Date
1 Mr. Ninad S. Shinde Studies on the (I) Depth Distribution of Carrier Lifetime in Crystalline Silicon and (II) Damaged Induced MOS Structue by MeV energy electrons and Swift Heavy Ions. 25th Jan 1999 22nd Mar 2004
2 Mr. Sachin D. Ralegankar Application of Raman Spectroscopy for the Chemical Characterization of Aerosols. 27th Aug 2003 21st Mar 2007
3 Mr. Santosh K. Mahapatra Design and development of a 20 kev electron irradiation system and its applications in studies of charge dynamics in polymers. 21st Oct 2002 30th Apr 2007
4 Mr. Kashinath Bogle Investigations on the (i) radiation induced surface disorders in c-Si and (ii) synthesis of metal nanoparticles by electron irradiation. 15th July 2003 5th July 2007
5 Mr. Shailendra S. Dahiwale Studies on Radiation Induced Effects on (i) Minority carrier lifetime in c-Si and (ii) Hot carrier injection and Single Event Upset in MOS memory devices. 07th July 2004 05th Sept 2009
6 Mr. Narendra L. Mathakari Studies on Electron, Ion and gamma ray induced(i) physiochemical changes and (ii)diffusion of iodine in isotactic polypropylene and polyimide. 27th Sept 2003 09th Oct 2009
7 Mr. Attar Fakir Mohammad Dastagir Measurement of activation and metastable state cross-sections of a few nuclear reactions induced by neutrons of 13.6 to 14.8 MeV energies. 17th July 2003 11th Dec 2009
8 Mr. B. Lalremruata Studies on (a) Cross-section for emission of charged particles in nuclear reactions induced by 14.77 MeV neutrons and 100 keV deuterons with a few target elements and (b) excitation functions of Ni(n,p) and 93Nb(n,2n) 92Nbm reactions from threshold to 24 MeV. 22nd Feb 2007 27th Mar 2010
9 Mr. Jayaprakash S. Bakre Effect of Morphology and Phase Transitions on the Luminescence Characteristics of Fluoride and Sulphate TLD Nanophosphors. 17th May 2003 13th Aug 2011
10 Mr. Bhushankumar J.Patil Studies on (i) Characterization of Bremsstrahlung Spectra from High Z elements and (ii) Development of Neutron Source Using MeV Pulsed Electron Beam and Their Applications. 14th Aug 2006 8th Feb 2011
11 Ms. Shadie Hassan Hatamie Study of metal and metal oxide nano materials for various sensing applications: Typically cobalt and tin oxide as candidate. 10th Jan 2008 2nd Sept 2011
12 Mr. Kailash B. Sapnar Studies on radiation induced effects in nanocrystalline undoped-doped TiO2 and ZnO systems with their applications. 18th Dec 2007 24th Mar 2012
13 Mr. Vinodkumar R. Kulkarni Studies on the radiation induced damages in MOS structures with applications to semiconductor dosimetry. 17th Mar 2009 11th May 2012
14 Mr. Tushar P. Ghate Nuclear energy: Changing dynamics and feasibility analysis of siting of nuclear power plant at ZYZ location in India. 4th Apr 2009 27th Oct 2012
15 Mr. Nandkumar T. Mandlik Synthesis, Characterisation and Thermoluminescence studies of some sulphate and oxide micro-nanophosphors for gamma and electron dosimetry. 14th May 2010 24th Mar 2014
16 Mr. Mehndi S. Barough Studies on (i) Cross sections of (n, γ) and (n, n') reactions with a few target elements using 7 MeV electron accelerator based neutron source and (ii) Double Differential Cross–sections of (n, charged particles) reactions induced by 1 MeV to 100 MeV neutrons with Uranium, Plutonium and Concrete targets. 9th Apr 2011 17th Jan 2014
17 Mr. Vijay S. Jadhav Studies on Electron, Ion, and Gamma ray Induced (i) Defects in fused silica, Sodalime and borosilicate glasses and (ii) Diffusion of silver and copper in Sodalime glass and its applications. 21st Mar 2012 22nd Nov 2014
18 Mr. Vikas K. Mulik Studies on 3 to 16 MeV neutron induced (i) activation cross-sections of a few nuclear reactions, and (ii) fission yields in 238U(n, f) reaction. 17th May 2010 28th Nov 2014
19 Mr.Ramakant P.Joshi Studies on radiation induced changes in polymers and graphene based composites for the applications in super-capacitor, antimicrobial and photocatalytic activity. 31st July 2014 31st July 2017
20 Mr. Shahzad Ateeque Ahmed Design study of accelerator head assembly for 6 to 20 MeV energy electron and photon therapy. 03rd Nov 2012 07th June 2018
21 Mr. Avinash Vasant Deore Studies on Radiation Induced Effects in the synthesized (I) Metal Nanoparticles Diffused Polymer Surfaces (II) 2D Metal Dichalcogenides and (III) Carbon Based Nanocomposites and Their Applications. 24rd Apr 2012 15th Sept 2018
22 Mr. Mahesh Sakharam Bhadane Development of Sulphate, Fluoride and Oxide based Nanophosphor for Gamma, Electron and Ion Dosimetry for Personal and Medical Application 26rd Jun 2015 17th Sept 2018
23 Miss. Kasmira Harpale Synthesis of novel nanoforms of Polypyrrole (Ppy) and its Nanocomposites: Structural, Optical, Electrochemical and Field Emission Investigations 12rd July 2014 30th Nov 2018
24 Mr. Vishal Bharud Measurement of cross sections for formation of metastable states and radioisotopes of a few nuclei through nuclear reactions induced by bremsstrahlung radiation and neutrons 09rd June 2015 20th Feb 2019
25 Ms. Priyanka Jagdish Reddy Studies and Application of Ultra low Level Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry for Measurement of Natural and Anthropogenic Radionuclides 21rd Aug 2015 26th July 2019
26 Mr. Jagtap Amol Shankar Contamination Studies of Secondary Electron, Photon and Neutron in Telecobalt and Medical LINAC for cancer therapy 25rd Aug 2015 09th Nov 2019


1 Mr. Jalinder E. Yeole Studies on Energy loss, Damage and Doping Mechanism in Crystalline Silicon Using Electrons, Gamma rays and thermal Neutrons 19th Aug 2000 27th July 2002
2 Gisha George - - -
3 Mr. Vinodkumar Kulkarni A study on the Irradiation Effects of MeV Energy Electrons and Cobalt-60 Gamma Rays on n-channel MOS Devices 19th Aug 2000 22nd Nov 2002
4 Mr. Ganesh J. Tambave Design and development of a 50 keV proton source for space application 19th Aug 2006 20th Aug 2008
5 Mr. Avinash V. Deore Development of a tetrode type electron gun for generation of low energy electron (1 to 20 keV ) and its use for synthesis of nanoparticles in PVA matrix. June-2009
6 Shahzad Akhter Design of 2700 Doubly Achromatic beam bending magnet. Aug 2012
7 Mr. Mahesh S. Bhadane Synthesis, Characteriazation and Thermoluminescence Studies of Sulphate Micro-phosphors for Gamma and Thermal neutron dosimetry 26th Sept 2012 3rd July 2014
8 Mr. Vishal D. Bharud Studies on (i) Development and Calibration of Gamma Ray Spectroscopy for the detection of specific nano-overlapping gamma radiation from uranium and Thorium and (ii) Neutron dose assessment from blood samples 18th Oct 2013 7th Aug 2014
9 Mr. Ambadas B. Phatangare Radiation induced effects on SiO2 films and adhesion of Silver nanoparticles on SiO2 nanoparticles 21st Oct 2013 7th July 2015
10 Mr. Prasad D. Korde Development of humidity sensing material using Ni(0.75–x/2)Cd(x/2)Zn0.25Fe2O4 doped with LiCl 21st Sept 2011 27thJuly 2015
11 Miss. Bhakti M. Kshirsagar Development of Nuclear Battery using radioactive source 30th Oct 2014 05th May 2017
12 Mr. Kishor H. Gavhane Development of micro and nano-phosphors for radiation Dosimetry 27th Dec 2015 27th July 2017
13 Mr. Hitesh Sonawane Synthesis and gamma irradiation effects on structural, optical, morphological and electrical properties of PZT (PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3) polycarbonate and polycarbonate/PZT composite 30th Oct 2014 25th October 2017
14 Mr. Gaurav Bholane Measurement of flux weighted average cross section of ( g, g') and (g, n) nuclear reactions in 179Hf and 180Hf using bremsstrahlung radiation 26th March 2018 17th August 2020
15 Mr. Vishnu Gore Development of direct charge collection beta nuclear battery for space applications 30th October 2014 17th August 2020
16 Mr. Karankumar Sature Development of computer code for deconvolution of TL glow curves and DFT simulations of synthesized LiF microphosphor - 5 Dec 2020

Students Completed Postdoctoral Studies

1 Dr. Veenu Sisodia Synthesis of Zr Silicide in Zr thin film on Si and study of its surface morphology March 2009 May 2011
2 Dr. K. Hareesh Irradition effects on graphene basesd supercapacitors Aug 2013 Aug 2016
3 Dr. preeti Padhye Kulkarni Photoluminescence and Thermoluminescence Dosimteric studies of Lanthanide ion doped phosphors and effects of the radiation on the properties of materials April 2019 Ongoing

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